The companys’ machine inventory consists of the following machines


  • Leinen watchmaking lathe, B8 collets
  • Schaublin 70 F16 collets
  • Schaublin 102-VM W20 collets
  • Schaublin 102N-VM with digital readout, W25 collets

Milling machines:

  • Aciera F1 W12 collets
  • DynaMyte 4-axis CNC

Laser welding machine:

  • Dentaurum Desktop laser

Grinding machine:

  • Deckel SO


  • Mitutoyo profile projector PJ311 50x magnification
  • Mitutoyo profile projector PJ A3000 100x magnification. With measuring computer QM Data 200
  • Thread gauges etc.
  • Micrometers, calipers etc
  • Mitutoyo ceramic gauge set
  • Test equipment for electronic and mechanical watches
  • Waterproof test equipment


  • Ultrasonic cleaning equipment x 2
  • Cleaning machine Allmer
  • Polishing machinery Otec
  • Machine for sealing autoclave bags
  • Hardness testing equipment
  • Oven for heat treatment