Custom-made device

With more than 20 years of experience of producing patient specific components, the company has the possibility to produce Custom-made dental components where standard components doesn’t fulfill the demand; for example in trauma cases such as traffic injuries, cancer trauma etc.

The production is made piece-by-piece after the patients needs. All parts are produced, controlled and measured after the most stringent conditions. Only medical device classified materials are used, and documentation of all steps in production are documented and traceability for each produced component is available via lot-number from raw material to patient.

The range of components that can be produced spends from implants and abutments, laboratory components such as screwdrivers, impression copings to instruments.

Typical time-frame from order to delivery of a custom-made product is 2-4 weeks.

A special order form can be found to the right. Klick on the picture and open the file in a pdf viewer.

After signing the order form, send the form to address: order(at) for production planning.